our vision

We are a research group that is dedicated to providing new and innovative alternatives to forensic bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA) research, education and training.

One of our goals is to engage secondary school students in applied science by bringing practical STEM to the classroom and ensure that our products meet the ever changing needs of active forensic practitioners for training and reconstruction.

We are ultimately dedicated to advancing BPA by researching and developing novel technologies that introduce forensic blood substitutes into existing research, education, training and other initiatives.

Fuelled by a group of professionals with experience ranging from professional crime scene investigation to fundamental academic research, we strive to maintain top-quality, cutting-edge deliverables.

We are researchers at heart and are always open for discussion or suggestions. Feel free to contact us for further information or advice.

who we are

We are an enthusiastic team of scientists with a variety of backgrounds. Click below to see more information on who we are.