forensic products

Forensic Blood Substitute

Our forensic blood substitute (FBS) as pictured. Available in liquid form, inquire for specific volumes. 

Coloured Blood Substitute and Patterns

A coloured blood substitute to aid in visualization of complex bloodstain patterns. Available in both liquid form, as well as created patterns, and can be generated in a variety of specified colours.

Glow in the Dark Patterns

A blood substitute that under natural lighting is a red colour, similar to a typical crime scene pattern, but when exposed to UV light will glow under low light conditions. This can help to visualize complex bloodstain patterns. Inquire for custom pattern creation, we will provide digital images of the same pattern in both white light and low light conditions. 

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We are very impressed with the FBS and found it incredibly valuable in lecturing the basic BPA course. We would highly recommend it to anyone teaching BPA and will try to use it again when we teach BPA in the future

Algiers Basic Bloodstain Course

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