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Dripping Experiment for High-School Experiments

These ready-made kits contain everything that is necessary to run your own experiments in the classroom.

This experiment focuses on fundamental concepts in kinematics and fluid dynamics. Students simulate passive drip stains using the forensic blood substitute in controlled conditions and analyze how they spread across a paper surface. Students will learn how dripping height, droplet volume (related to kinetic energy) and terminal velocity all affect the size and the shape of a bloodstain. They will then use this knowledge to comment on a photo from a 'cold case'. This is an engaging way to integrate a variety of STEM concepts into the classroom!

Quantifying chemiluminescence of the forensic luminol test

Using ovine blood in a dilution and time series

This experiment focuses on fundamental concepts in chemistry related to presumptive testing. Students will plan and preform an experiment using a luminol solution. They will record and analyse qualitative and quantitative observations, and interpret their findings to determine the presence or absence of the luminol-reactive forensic blood substitute in unknown crime scene samples. Students will learn how to identify evidence of chemical change and the understand the role this plays in crime scene investigations scenarios. The direct OSSLT connections provided by this experiment offers educators simple and accessible an avenue for integrating forensic chemistry concepts into their classrooms.

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