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Current Projects

Dr. Theresa Stotesbury

Dr. Paul Wilson

Mike Illes

Dr. Andrew Vreugdenhil

Dr. Cathy Bruce

Dan Clarke

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science and Chemistry @ Trent University

Professor of Biology in Conservation Genomics & DNA Technology @ Trent
Biology Department

Forensic Science Faculty @ Trent

Research in bloodstain pattern analysis and models in case-specific research

Chair of Chemistry Department @ Trent

Inorganic Materials Research Laboratory

Dean of Education @ Trent

School of Education and Professional Learning

Science Department Chair @

St. Peter's Secondary School

Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Centre for Teaching and Learning          @ Trent

Sumiko Polacco

MSc candidate (Trent University), project titled, "Chemical and biological extensions of a sol-gel based forensic blood substitute". 

Previous: 2016 BScFS (Trent University) thesis titled, "The use of a synthetic blood substitute for impact pattern area of origin estimation: A validation study"

Amanda Orr

MSc (Trent University) to start in September 2017

Previous: 2017 BScFS (Trent University) thesis titled, "Validation of a trajectory analysis program for use in bloodstain pattern analysis".

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Previous Projects

Kristine Boos

2017 BScFs (Trent University) thesis titled, "A fundamental study of drip pattern formation on a hard, porous surface".

Alyssa Brown

2017 BScFs (Trent University) thesis titled, "Investigating the effect of crown formation on area of origin calculations using straight line trajectories in bloodstain pattern analysis"

Kashika Jaggi

2017 BScFs (Trent University) thesis titled, "Using scientific reasoning to estimate the location of the blood source of an impact event"

Kim Britton

2016 BScFs (Trent University) thesis titled, "Comparison of a synthetic blood substitute to sheep's blood via impact angle examination for uses in bloodstain pattern analysis: a validation study".

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